SoBro Music is a music production company based in New York City. The company records music for the next generation of emerging artists. Our team of engineers, producers, and videographers, are available for hire for album recordings, music videos, and live recordings, in addition to releasing their own creations and musical projects.




In addition to our studio in the South Bronx, there are a handful of studios around the country that we use for various projects, depending upon the need. While we are certainly not limited to these, and can operate out of most facilities, this is a good place to start.

control-02-940x630ROOM 17
(Brooklyn, NY)
The realized vision of producers/musicians Joe Rogers, Adam Lasus and Scott Porter, Room 17 embodies a decade long friendship and joint passion for creating and recording music.

The studio itself is approximately 3200 sq ft and houses one of the largest drum and tracking rooms in New York. This main tracking room is extremely lively with 14 foot ceilings allowing drums to project deeply into the space. The main room also features 2 large ISO rooms that have full visual contact with the main tracking room and control room.

In addition to these spaces Room 17 contains three other ISO areas for maximum recording optionality including a unique echo chamber which stands unrivaled by any plug in or digital reverb and sounds lush and real on any source.

The control room is deep and spacious with exceptional sight lines and sounds. There are full analog and digital recording capabilities with a fully refurbished Trident 80 series 40 channel console, a 24 track Otari tape deck (with 16 track heads), as well as Pro Tools HD and all of the modern recording amenities.

nrg-studio-a-fullNRG STUDIOS
(Los Angeles, CA)
Celebrating 30 years of being a recording industry leader, NRG Recording Studios has worked with some of the world’s best artists and has had great success with hundreds of albums over the years.

All rooms are fully equipped to accommodate any recording project, and the highly trained and professional staff is committed to excellent customer service and album security. Each room also offers Pro Tools 12, along with a great variety of plug-ins, and a large amount of floating gear and microphones.