New Rock Compilation to be released in March

On March 17th, SoBro Music will be releasing Undiscovered: Rock, a new compilation of 10 great up and coming Rock bands from across the country. The mission, as it always is with SoBro, is to bring awareness to emerging artists that may not yet be known by a larger music audience. The album will be availabe digitally, both through this website as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal (and others, and with physical copies through this website and Amazon. Stay tuned and check back for more updates on our 2017 release schedule!



SoBro Top 10 Performance countdown

We’ve had the opportunity to produce some great videos and recordings from some tremendous artists over the past four years. Today, we look back at ten of our favorite performances we’ve had the opportunity to capture.

10. JMK – “You’ll Be Sorry”

9. Dani Shay – “Getaway”

8. Rachel Lynn – “The Claim”

7. The Dirty Gems – “Automatic Heart”

6. June Divided – “Bullet (Acoustic)”

5. Blameshift – “Operating Table (Acoustic)”

4. Sara Phillips – “Holding Your Place”

3. Face The King – “The Burning and the Falling”

2. Lawrence Trailer –  “Break It To Me (Acoustic)”

1. Jaye Watts & Sara Phillips – “Say Something”